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Arms - Articles

  • Breaking Down the Barbell Curl

    Apr 29, 2012

    Read everything you need to know about the barbell curl, its variations and what grips you should use. The barbell curl, one of the most popular biceps exercises, is highly effective for increasing st...

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  • 3 Dips Exercises for Bigger Triceps

    Apr 22, 2012

    Add dips to your workout routine and grow your triceps with these 3 exercises. The triceps, formally called the triceps brachii, is located on the back of your arm between the shoulder and the elbow. ...

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  • 5 Ways To Get Ripped Triceps

    Mar 28, 2012

    Use these five exercises to build your triceps and accentuate the look of your arms.  Your triceps are such an integral part of training your arms. They look best when they are toned and shaped. They...

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  • 4 Bicep Growing Exercises

    Mar 25, 2012

    Curl your way to bicep success. Just like money doesn’t grow on trees, biceps don’t grow on trees. Biceps are one of the most wanted muscles in the majority of people. For guys, their biceps have ...

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