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Tone Up With A Bosu Ball

What is the best bosu ball workout? These 5 exercises should help you get started.

The bosu ball is a semi new fitness trend. It has really become a big hit mainly because you can really use it for all kinds of exercises. The main idea behind this piece of equipment is balance. If you aren’t sure what a bosu ball is, it’s the thing in the gym that is kind of like half of a stability ball with a solid, flat surface on the bottom and the ball part on top. You can use the bosu ball for all kinds of exercises that focus on cardio, strength training, balance, and stability. During any of the exercises you perform using this ball you are constantly engaging your core, without even having to think about it. The ball is never stable which is what forces you to really hold your core in and work on those abs. Still not convinced? Perform some of these exercises using a bosu ball and see how you feel!


Using the bosu ball to perform a push up makes it a bit more difficult. Like I said before, the ball will never be stable so unlike regular pushups where your hands are flat on the floor, not moving…putting your hands on the bosu ball will make your entire body unstable, engaging your core muscles much more. To perform this exercise: Flip the bosu ball over so that the squishy ball side is on the floor and the flat surface is facing up. The bosu ball has handles on both sides of the ball. Grab onto the handles of the ball with both hands and get in to push up position. Perform the desired number of pushups. To make this move a little harder: Get in to a regular pushup position as stated just previously but when you are coming up from the pushup, pick the ball up off of the ground with your hands and land softly in push up position. The idea is to make this an explosive movement. You will really be using every single muscle in your body to perform this move.


Performing a basic plank is a really great move for your core and shoulders but planking on a bosu ball is much more challenging, making you work harder, making it a more effective exercise. To perform this move: Keep the bosu ball in its regular position with the flat surface on the ground and the ball side facing up. You are going to get into a regular plank position but instead of keeping your forearms on the ground, you are going to rest them on the ball. You will notice your body shaking from the very beginning! Planking on the bosu ball engages your core about 5 times as much as planking on a regular flat surface does.

bosu ball plank


You will really need your balance for this exercise. If you aren’t someone who regularly performs basic squats because you feel they are too easy, try performing them on a bosu ball. Squatting on the solid ground is a good exercise but if you are more advanced, you need to add some weights or something to it to up the intensity. Try performing them on a bosu ball! To perform this exercise: Keep the bosu ball in its regular position with the flat surface on the ground and the ball side up. Stand on top of the ball with your feet shoulder width apart. Perform a basic squat. You may have to perform this movement a little slower than you normally would because it’s harder to keep your balance. If you really want to advance, perform a jump squat on the ball. When you are coming up from the squat, jump up so your feet leave the surface of the ball and land softly in the squat position. Be careful when performing this move on the bosu ball. Make sure you do them slow and controlled so you don’t fall off.


Crunches on this ball are a really great move for your abs. There are a ton of variations of crunches that you can perform but we’ll just stick to a basic crunch. The ball allows you to really extend your entire abdomen when you come down from the crunch allowing you to work more of the muscles which you can’t do on the floor,. To perform this move: Lie on your back on the bosu ball. Make sure your back is in the middle of the ball so that you can extend all the way back. Bend your knees at about a 90 degree angle with your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your head or across your chest and come up to perform a crunch. Come back down all the way. Perform the desired amount of reps.

If you have been performing the same old exercises using the same old equipment, try to branch out. Begin by using a bosu ball! It’s a fabulous piece of equipment that can really shake up your workout and give you a killer body.

bosu crunches


What you are basically going to do is jog side to side, hopping on to and over the bosu ball. To perform this move: Position the bosu ball with the flat surface on the floor and the ball facing up. Make sure you are in a space where you have enough room to move horizontally across the floor. Beginning on one side of the ball take 3 small steps (like you’re hopping) until you reach the bosu ball. Continue the steps over and onto the bosu ball to the other side. Perform these small steps back across the ball, switching from side to side. You can perform this at any pace that you want. If you are new to this exercise, perform them slowly, kind of like you are just walking so you can get the hang of the motion. As you get more comfortable, pick up the pace!