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Tiffani Bachus Interview

2009 Fitness America World Champion, Cover Model, Internationally Published Writer, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist Tiffani Bachus Speaks with dualFIT.

Age: 39 Years Old

Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches

Weight: 132 Pounds

Why did you decide to begin training and exercise?

I’ve always been an active kid playing tennis, dancing, gymnastics, or competing in track.  My parents use to call me the “upside down kid” as I was constantly doing handstands or flipping on their bed.  It was a natural progression to continue my fitness and training in college by getting certified in Aerobics and Personal Training while receiving an undergraduate degree in Nutrition.  I continue with my fitness and training to be a role model for my three kids while inspiring and motivating my clients to reach their best and healthy version of themselves.

 What are your workout related goals for the future?

I LOVE having goals.  It’s how I stay motivated and focused.  My ultimate goal is to continue to get stronger, balanced and better each year, and to stay free from injuries.  I plan my workouts each week, month and year to support reaching those goals.

 What is in your experience the most effective routine?

For me it’s all about changing it up and listening to my body.  I aim to get in a little yoga, weight training, functional training, dancing, high intensity plyos/sprints, and play a little pickle ball, with some time to rest and recover weekly.  But I’m totally fine if I can’t get it all in.   It’s AMAZING how good I feel and look when I don’t over train.

What is your current routine?

This is what I did last week.


Teach Functional Training Class and Dance Jam Class


Legs/Glutes 45 min



Biceps/triceps 30 min

Gymnastics training 1 hr.




Back /Glutes/hamstring 45 min


Sprints at Track 30 min

Shoulders 20 min


Yoga Stretch

What is your current diet and supplementation like (provide a sample meal plan for one day i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner)?

Nutrition is my passion.  I wholeheartedly believe in eating whole foods whenever possible.  I became a Registered Dietitian to help others adopt a healthy lifestyle by consuming a variety of delicious “real” foods that are not refined or processed.  My personal diet changes throughout the year (typically with the seasons) and I’m not totally strict.  Yes, I do eat “unhealthy” foods from time to time J

Here is a sample day of what I ate last week:


1/3 cup Cooked amaranth + 1 T chia seeds + 2 T rice milk + 1 tsp. cinnamon + 1 scoop Vanilla Whey Protein Powder (recipe in my book due Winter 2011).


Green Smoothie + Ground turkey (4 oz.) + 1/3 c brown rice + zucchini, pan seared + 2 T raw sunflower seeds + 2 T fresh organic salsa on top


3/4 cup blueberries and 1 rice cake + 1/3 avocado smeared on top


Salad: Spinach + 4 oz ground bison + 1/4 c black beans + cucumbers + chopped red and yellow peppers + 1/4 cup brown rice (left over from lunch) + 1 T hemp seed with homemade dressing (lemon jc + vinegar + water +olive oil + raw honey + spices)

14-16 cups of water daily at room temp

5 grams L-Glutamine with 4 oz warm water in am

Glucosamine Chondroitin with MSM + Vit D3

What is one of your biggest training mistakes that you have made and how would you have done it differently?

My biggest training mistake was NOT listening to my body by overtraining and not doing the proper maintenance to keep my body free from injury.  I should have continued to get regular deep tissue massages (now it’s every other week) and see my Physical Therapist regularly (now I see him at least once a month) to correct any imbalances I have.  Because I didn’t stay on top of this, I suffered an ACL tear and numerous meniscus tears  (needing reconstructive surgery) that probably could have been avoided.

What is your top tip for general fitness?

My top tip for general fitness is to move the body, stay consistent, don’t waste time and energy doing half-fast workouts, eat whole foods and get plenty of rest.


See more of Tiffani Bachus on her website, twitter, and facebook page she is also releasing a breakfast cookbook with my U Rock Girl partner in the Winter of 2012.