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thinkThin High Protein Bars Review

Low Calories, High Protein and Zero Sugar? Does this sound too good to be true for a protein bar?

We’re all used to the typical protein bars that has a meals worth of calories along with heaps and heaps of sugar.  Well look no further if you’re looking for a low calorie and zero sugar alternative.  thinkThin is all about natural and delicious portable nutrition because that’s what all of us with fit and healthy lifestyles crave on the go or even when we’re a bit lazy to whip some food up ourselves.

Taste – 8.5/10

The taste of each bar is literally just as described on the package.  It’s a natural taste that really resembles what you’re expecting compared to something artificial and clearly concocted in a lab somewhere.  The texture is very soft and chew able, almost like a really soft cookie which is welcome addition, considering many protein bars have textures similar to cardboard.  The one drawback for someone who doesn’t consume a lot or any sugar at all, is that it is quite sweet.  But if you normally enjoy a sweet here and there it should be quite tasty and enjoyable.

Nutrition – 9/10

Like the name suggests, the thinkThin High Protein Bar is built around natural weight management. So just as you would expect, it’s a great low calorie snack that won’t put much of a dent on your diet at all.  Depending on the flavor, each bar could set you back only 200 or so calories.  That’s not much at all considering you could have a bar as a small replacement meal or a pre or post workout snack.

Convenience – 10/10

The basis of most protein bars are the convenience factor.  So like many other protein bars the thinkThink High Protein Bar is most definitely very convenient.  You can take it with you practically anywhere you go with no preparation necessary to satisfy any kind of craving you might have.  The bar is much smaller than your typical protein bar which may add a bit more to the portability factor but overall convenience is expected!

Value – 9/10

Each bar retails at just under $2 which isn’t a bad price at all.  Most protein bars nowadays can cost you upwards of $4, where you’re probably better off buying a nice nutritious lunch for that price.  So the price is perfectly reasonable for a nice pick me up when you’re craving some energy or you want to satisfy your taste buds without the guilt.

Overall – 9/10

thinkThin is a great bar when you’re looking for a low calorie alternative to the typical protein bars that you see on the shelves.  They use natural wholesome ingredients with zero sugar to satisfy your cravings without messing up your diet.  This may not be the best bar for you if you’re looking to bulk up, otherwise, it’s a great tasting bar that will hit the right spots with all of the different delicious flavors.