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The Ultimate Cutting Guide

Join us as we get leaner and meaner than ever before with our ultimate guide to cutting.

No matter what season it is, you can always make an argument that it’s time to slim down and look good. Some like to squeeze in to bikinis, others like to plop into leotards. Either way, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about cutting. By the time we’re finished, you are going to be leaner, stronger, faster, and healthier. You will also turn heads every time you step in to public, which is an incredible benefit in itself. The components of a successful cutting campaign can be broken into two main groups: exercise and diet. Stick to the advice in this article, and you will lose weight and maintain muscle – guaranteed.


If you’re not pumped about losing weight, its time to get there. What we are going to do first is recommend  that you get a gym membership if you don’t already have one. Going to the gym is like a magical calling, and most people who workout in the gym tend to have better results – and stick to it longer,  than their “workout at home” counterparts.  It’s motivating and after a while you will build a sense of belonging in your gym and possibly even make some new friends who share your love of fitness.

Ultimate Guide To CuttingFor cutting, we are going to get you a workout routine that emphasizes  muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance. This routine is a great program for women on a cut, and this routine will suffice for men looking to get shredded. In order to tone up, traditional knowledge tells us to do lighter weight with a greater number of reps. The Dual FIT staff recommends a medium-to-high rep value (8-12 reps) when cutting, while doing three to five sets per individual lift. It is important to pick a routine that will work all the major muscle groups in the body via compound exercises. This will get you looking slim and tone in the mirror, and will utilize your gym time efficiently. Compound lifts also ensure that your body tones itself proportionately. If you’re arms are swole’ and tone but your legs look like they never get used, you are going to have a bad time.

If you are cutting, the key is physical activity. It is much better for you to burn off extra calories with physical activity than just ingesting less calories. Extra calories added with physical activity equals lean muscle. Focus on staying active for the duration of your day. If you work in an office, get up out of your chair and walk around once an hour, chew gum and do sets of jumping jacks every time you make a sale. Whatever it takes, just stay active and keep your metabolism up.

No matter what you’re routine calls for, you need to be running or jogging five days a week. To prevent injury, make sure that you have a fitting pair of shoes designed specifically for running. If you have bad joints or an injury, it is acceptable to substitute runs with the elliptical bike or the stair stepper. Just make sure to keep it intense.


Before we go into specific foods that can help to bust your appetite and keep your waist tiny, we need to read this article and calculate our daily caloric needs. Once you have a BMR established along with an exercise level, Tilapiayou can determine your maintenance caloric intake. To benefit our cause, we are going to cut at 600 calories below maintenance. For example, my maintenance caloric intake is 2800 calories per day, if I was looking to cut safely I would ingest only 2200 calories daily. You really don’t want to go past 600 below maintenance. Your body still needs fuel to maintain muscle mass, and the only way to give it that fuel is to eat enough. This method gets slower results than “crash dieting”, but allows you to keep most of your muscle rather than wasting away. You notice that every person who crash diets has very poor muscle tone. They just simply aren’t getting enough nutrients to feed their muscles. We also need to be aware of macro nutrient percentages and balances. On a cut, we recommend that you get 35% of your calories from protein, 50% from carbohydrates, and 15% from healthy fats.


Now that we’ve bored you with all the science, lets go to the fun part…EATING! What can you eat that will allow you to cut effectively? Chicken breast and tilapia are your new best friends. These are two powerful cutting foods that you cannot live without. Pop on of these bad boys on the George Foreman and throw some seasoning on there and you have a perfect cutting meal. You need to be eating a serving of fruits and vegetables with every meal, with some snacking in between. For vegetables, make sure you buy the frozen ones in the bag. They are easy to make (microwave for 6 minutes) and are incredibly nutritious and delicious.

Ultimate Guide To CuttingFor your carbohydrate intake we have two words for you, whole grain. For breakfast, try out some oatmeal or a health-oriented cereal like Total. If you make sandwiches, use whole-grain breads. Everybody at Dual FIT loves pasta, and we know you do too. For pasta, you can get whole-grain versions of most of your favorite types of noodles.

For the most part, you can achieve a great cut just by watching your calories and eating clean. Even the seasoned vets will admit that its hard to stick to a strict cutting diet, but the results you achieve will blow you away. It is OK to have one cheat meal twice a week! Seriously, studies have shown that one cheat meal out of nine clean meals has no adverse impacts on your physique, so load up on the pizza and ice cream if you wish. If that doesn’t improve moral then I don’t know what will!


Now that you are educated on how to cut effectively, all that’s left is to execute! Before you begin you cut, pick out a song that really motivates you, pick out the song that you would play if you were entering a boxing ring against Muhammad Ali.  Promise yourself that before you break your diet or skip a workout, you will listen to that song first. As long as you stick to that personal promise, I can assure you that you will have no problem staying dedicated. Keep your eyes on the prize!