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Perky Jerky Review

Whether you try the beef jerky or the turkey jerky, one thing we’re sure of is: you’re going to be a “Jerkaholic”.

We’ve always touted beef jerky (or turkey jerky) as a great fitness food because it’s packed with protein but only contains a small amount of calories and carbohydrates.  If you’re looking for a great snack or even something to chow down on before you hit the gym, Perky Jerky will be exactly what you’re looking for.  They use wholesome ingredients to create a beef jerky or turkey jerky that tastes great and gives you a nice caffeine boost with the help of some guarana.

Taste – 9.5/10

There isn’t a predefined flavor for Perky Jerky but the best way to describe it is a Teriyaki with a peppery spice.  The flavor is very natural and almost tastes home made compared to the jerky you’re probably used to.  You can instantly tell that quality beef and turkey were used because of the natural texture, something you would never find in a processed rubbery convenience store brand.

Don’t gobble them down too fast though, the taste of the pepper certainly adds up!

Nutrition – 10/10

This is exactly where the Perky Jerky shines compared to almost every other kind of beef jerky.  The 2 oz. bags can suppress your appetite and leave you satiated with only 100 measly little calories.  You’ll never have to feel guilty about popping open a bag, though you’ll have to worry about not going through ten of these a day.  Like we said, the snack is packed with protein at 18 grams per package, that’s practically a nice scoop of protein powder.  What’s even better is the minuscule amount of sodium when you compare it to almost any other brand of jerky.  There is only 220mg in a single package which is 10% of your daily value.  There’s also no need to feel guilty about any preservatives or additives with anything you can’t pronounce in the ingredients.  Almost every ingredient used is commonly found in your own pantry as well as being mostly organic.

Also the guarana that makes the Perky Jerky perky does a great job of a nice little kick in the behind when you need it.  You probably wouldn’t want to be snacking on these before bed but it would be great as a morning or afternoon pick me up and even better as something to snack on right before the gym.  Each 2 oz. pack contains around 150 mg of caffeine so you should be wary if you’re planning to take any pre-workouts or caffeine pills though.

Convenience – 8.5/10

How much more convenient can you get than a small thin package that can easily be tossed into a handbag, book bag and especially a gym bag?  It’s very easy to take with you and not messy at all.  The flavoring is very contained within the jerky itself and doesn’t get onto your hands or anything like that.  You can reach into your bag of jerky without worrying about avoiding the nasty bag walls because they are simply as pristine as the outside.

Value – 8/10

As with any other product, you can always stock up to save on the cost but for one 2.2 oz bag it’ll cost you $4.99 if you buy directly from Perky Jerky.  This isn’t necessarily the cheapest snack you could get but it isn’t expensive either.  You can find many similar convenience store brands that are comparable in price except you get the wholesome ingredients with a fresh tasting jerky with Perky Jerky.

Overall – 9/10

Perky Jerky is a great food for anyone with active lifestyles that are concerned with upping their protein intake.  These can be eaten whether you’re trying to lose weight or pack on the muscle.  The freshness combined with a nice punch of energy is extremely refreshing and doesn’t slow you down like normal sugary snacks or drinks.  You definitely won’t be dissapointed with either the ultra premium beef jerky or the ultra premium turkey jerky.  For the added bonus, the company also donates a portion of their earnings to muscular dystrophy and down syndrome research.