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Josef Rakich Interview

Sponsored Athlete and Online Personal Trainer Josef Rakich speaks with dualFIT.

Age: 21 Years Old
Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches
Weight: 178 Pounds

Bench Press: 285 Pounds
Deadlift: 400 Pounds
Squat: 400 Pounds

Why did you decide to begin training and exercising?

Well it all started off when my mum won a free 2 week gym trial which she gave to me. I went along to the gym for the 2 weeks and enjoyed it so i decided to join up after the trial had finished. I kept going on a regular basis and followed a strict training programme along with a good diet, shortly after i started noticing some progress. From there on its been an addiction and i can’t keep away from the gym.

What are your work out related goals for the future?

To create the most shredded and aesthetic physique on this planet and be the number #1 top fitness icon in the world.

What is in your experience the most effective routine?

I have used many different training methods over the years, from my experience i have found that high volume workouts are the best, training each muscle group once per week.

What is your current routine?

Well i currently follow a high volume split hitting each main muscle group once per week with abs and calfs twice. Here is an example of my routine.

Monday: Chest + Calfs

Tuesday: Biceps + Core

Wednesday: Quads + Hamstrings

Thursday: Shoulders + Triceps + Calfs

Friday: Back + Core

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: OFF

What is your diet and supplementation like?

I am currently bulking at the time of this interview, my macros and calories are listed below:

  • Protein = 270g
  • Carbohydrates = 450g
  • Fats = 85
  • Total calories = 3645

Here is an example of my daily diet:

Meal 1: Proats (protein and oats) + banana

Meal 2: Chicken sandwich + almonds

Meal 3: Chicken sandwich + almonds

Meal 4: Brown rice + tuna + eggs on toast

Meal 5: Proats (protein and pats) + dried apricots

Meal 6: Serving of lean meat (steak, fish, lamb, pork, chicken, beef, etc..) + serving or vegetables + orange juice

Meal 7: Protein shake

What is one of your biggest training mistakes that you have made and how would you have done it differently?

When i first started i use to train chest and biceps everyday, it wasn’t until i done some research that i realized thats not the correct way to train, i also diddnt train my legs for such a long time. How stupid i was.

What is your top tip for general fitness?

Eat healthy and be active.