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AI Sports Nutrition Motivate Supplement Review

dualFIT Reviews AI Sports Nutrition’s Energy Supplement – Motivate


Since the supplement comes in a capsule form there obviously is no taste. The capsules are relatively large but they shouldn’t be too big for anyone to handle.  Since they are in capsule form, Motivate is very convenient and portable because you don’t need to bring along an extra shaker cup just to take it before your workout.


The serving size varies for each individual. You can take 1 to 4 pills depending on how tolerant you are of stimulants.  For the purpose of this review, 2 capsules were taken on an empty stomach to receive the full effect.

Motivate is most definitely very potent and effective. The energy kicks in very quickly within a matter of minutes.  The supplement provides alertness and sense of focus that I rarely feel taking other energy / pre-workout supplements.

VALUE - 10/10

At the current list price of $19.99 that Motivate sells for on AI Sports Nutrition the energy supplement is definitely not pricey at all. It comes out to a little more than 16 cents per pill.  That’s extremely cheap compared to most energy and pre-workout supplements.  So for the price, the product is a definite must buy for those days where you need a quick boost of energy before heading to the gym.

Save Even More

Currently AI Sports Nutrition is running a promotion for 30% off all of their products with the code “Cust30″.

Ingredient Profile – 9/10

Glutamine – Minimizes the break down of muscle

Taurine / Schizandra Extract – Both support the neurological aspects and support the central nervous system

1,3 Dimethlamine – Extremely potent focus enhancer (Currently under review by the FDA)

Caffeine – The trusted and reliable energy boost

OVERALL – 9.0/10

Motivate is an extremely effective supplement to give you energy whenever and wherever you need it.  All of the ingredients are extremely effective and proven to do exactly what they’re meant to do without any additives and fillers in traditional supplements. The convenience of the pill along with the great price makes this one of the best energy supplements in the industry.