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5 Tips for Beginners to Ease Their Way Into a Gym

Don’t be afraid of joining a new gym, use these 5 tips to make the most of your gym experience.

Summer is right around the corner and I’m sure you are probably thinking about joining a gym (or actually going to the gym you are paying for monthly!) It can be a little intimidating which is why many people tend to skip out. It’s not as scary as you think! Getting into a routine will definitely help you reach your goals and help you feel better overall. Use these tips to help you get comfortable during your workouts!


Finding a gym that fits you is the first step. There are a ton of different kinds of gyms you can join: women only, women and men gyms, gyms that offer classes, gyms that offer personal training…there are a ton! It is a good idea to do some research before joining a gym. There are a ton of factors that go into finding the perfect gym for you. Price is usually the biggest thing most people look for when joining a gym. They have some gyms that are only 10 dollars a month and others that are 60 dollars a month. See what you can afford. If you are a student, some gyms offer student prices which are great! Also, gyms with classes may have an extra fee for the classes. Some gyms offer unlimited classes for all depends. Finding a gym that’s close to your home is very important! If it’s out of your way or too long to get to, chances are you aren’t going to go. Join a gym that is close enough to your home. After doing research on some of the gyms in your area, visit them! Many offer free trials such as a week or a day so you can see if that’s the gym for you. Make sure to ask a lot of questions such as what do you offer? What are your prices? What are your hours? Be sure to know everything you can about the gym before signing any contract!


Grab a friend and bring them with you. Having a friend go to the gym with you will make things a little less awkward during the whole process. Friends are great because they will also hold you accountable for your workouts. You can both plan on a day and time to meet so you know you can’t skip your workout. Some gyms even offer deals when you have a friend sign up with you! You could get a cheaper price! Workout buddy and a lower price on a membership? Can’t beat that.


Knowing your way around the gym is definitely going to make a big difference when joining a gym for the first time. There is a lot of equipment in a gym that can really intimidate you, but it doesn’t have to be scary! Some of those machines will give you a great butt or that six pack you’re looking for. Most gyms will have an employee give you a tour the day you sign up, but if not, ask someone to show you around. An employee of a gym will never turn down that favor. If it’s been a while since you’ve been in and need a fresher course, just ask!


Not all gyms offer personal training, but many do! Personal training is an awesome thing that will really help you get comfortable in the gym and reach all of your fitness goals. A personal trainer can help show you all the ropes of the gym. They will teach you how to use each and every piece of fitness equipment and show you the ones that are really going to help you target any specific areas you want. Personal training can get pricey at times, but, as a personal trainer, I am telling you it’s worth it! Your personal trainer will push you to your limit, they will hold you accountable for your workouts, and they will keep you on track, and will be there for you just for simple motivation and support. If the gym you decided to join doesn’t offer personal training, look into hiring one outside and bringing them as a guest to your gym. Make sure the gym allows it before though! Some gyms can be strict with allowing personal trainers not hired by them in.


If you’re new to the gym, chances are you are new to working out in general. If you feel uncomfortable showing up to your new gym in an old t-shirt and old, stained sweat pants…it may help if you have new fitness clothing. Having new clothes that you can work out in will spare you the embarrassment of showing up to the gym looking like a scrub and may also give you a boost of motivation. When you look ready to exercise, you may feel more ready to exercise. Along with clothes, buy a heart rate monitor. Heart rate monitors are awesome because they show you how many calories you burned and what your heart is while you are working out. This is a great way to gauge the intensity of your workout. There is tons of fitness accessories you can purchase at almost an sporting goods store that will help make your workouts more effective and will help you feel a little more comfortable in the gym.


Don’t be intimidated by the gym. It’s supposed to be a place where you can go to release tension and break a sweat! Find a gym that works for you; close to home, affordable, fits your needs. Once you start going to the gym more often and working out on a regular basis, you will slowly feel more and more comfortable going. The gym isn’t a scary place! You may even find the gym to be your second home after you have been going for a while! (And that’s an awesome feeling!)